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Why Does My Car Smell Like Burning Rubber?

The smell of rubber is not the most pleasant of smells entering your cabin. The most common question is what causes the burning silicone smell in the automobile?

When you have simply performed a proper performed burnout , the smell of burning up rubber will stay for a couple of days after. It is because it can become caked up within the arch of your car, which can be fairly difficult to remove without a bit of elbow grease.

Regardless of the odor smell, it should never be ignored. It is the vehicles own unique method of letting you know that something is certainly wrong and requirements attention. The auto tires can omit a solid smell of silicone when employed for burnouts, drifting or race.

However, here are 7 factors why your vehicle may smell of burning up rubber.

Desk of Items


Wheel Massaging IN THE Arch

When you have lately lowered your vehicle or set up new wheels, you might find which you have misjudged the fitment. When you are generating along, you will be somewhat coming in contact with the fender but this get in touch with causes a great deal of friction.

The friction gives a burning silicone smell but may also harm the tires as well as the arch. To repair this, simply work with a device to move the fenders , that will provide your wheel even more clearance from within the wheel arch.

Rubber Hose pipe Disconnected

A line that turns into disconnected may become in connection with the engine when you are generating. The running temperatures from the engine may cause the silicone to melt as well as the smell from the burning up rubber will move towards cabin of the car.

Alongside a loose rubber hose pipe, you should notice something else wrong with the car otherwise the hose would be pointless. Check all the hoses and reconnect the loose one before it melts completely .


Burning Synthetic Oil

Compared to regular oil, high quality fully synthetic oil gives a burning rubber smell. The oil leak can progress to the warm exhaust, which will burn the essential oil residue and may potentially result in a fireplace if an excessive amount of essential oil burnt. In the event that you know this is actually the cause, make sure to come with an motor vehicle fireplace extinguisher in the automobile in case there is a fireplace and get the automobile to a mechanic.

However, when you have simply performed an essential oil change in your vehicles full program , spillage is quite most likely. The spillage could find its method to differing from the engine as soon as burnt once, you won't keep coming back. When the engine is certainly cold, make an effort to clean down all essential oil stains and execute a details of the engine bay if it's that messy.

Plastic Striking The Scorching Exhaust

Plastic such as a buying bag can easily find its way tangled under your car . The exhaust is the most common place for any plastic bag to get tangled and once hot, it will burn. The unique smell of burning rubber will become obvious but hard to diagnose.

Be sure to check all parts of your exhaust for anything plastic material and take it off after the car provides cooled off.

Electrical Brief

If a power element or fuse provides shorted out, the plastic material around it'll melt and create a burning up silicone smell. Its hard to pinpoint the precise location of a power circuit brief but we highly advise on using a digital automotive multimeter .

Drive Belt Melting

If the travel belt is spinning within the pulley from additional components such as the alternator or air conditioning packing up, a burning smell will become evident. If you also hear a squealing noise too, you can place high stakes within the drive belt melting that is causing the burning rubber smell.

Still No Luck Finding Burning Rubber Smell?

If all else fails, using a OBD2 Automotive Scanner , perform a scan for error codes that could indicate the source of the smell. The codes stored may lead to the secret becoming resolved. Anything from a harm air conditioner towards the heater could cause the horrible plastic smell.

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