The Best Windshield Sun Shade

If you are unable to park your vehicle in tone whilst sunlight is normally beaming down, the inside will warm up and overtime the Ultra violet rays will cause harm . The harm mostly goals your dashboard and chairs but it could be blocked with a windshield sun tone.

The best windshield sun shade is the A1 Shades Protector , which is available in 7 different sizes and uses a 230t nylon material for durability.

Many drivers underestimate the power of UV rays. It is only when they notice certain components are beginning to fade or split will they'll start to see the power of the windshield sun color. They are inexpensive, easy to shop and provide superb protection.

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Greatest Car Windshield Color

Unlike the additional windows of an automobile you could tint, the windscreen is unlawful to tint in america . Plus, it could cause slight problems when trying to see far items whilst driving during the night. A simple windscreen sun shade can be all that's needed is and they consider significantly less than 30 mere seconds to put together and dissemble.

Before investing in a windscreen sun color, we highly recommend that you consider the right measurements beforehand . The majority are a universal fit but they usually range in different sizes for the best possible fit.

Many of our recommendations come with a size chart to help you with your measurements for the perfect fit. Below is a list of the best windshield sun shades that protect your dashboard and interior from the damaging effects of UV rays.

A1 Shades Windshield Sun Shade

The A1 Shades car windshield sun shade is constructed of a superior 230t nylon material, which is far better quality than many of the inexpensive alternatives. The nylon also means that its not really popular to touch when you consider it down, which really is a great reward.

A1 Tones have measured over 800 different windshields in order to produce the most universal sun shade possible. There are 7 different sizes and a size chart to ensure that you get the right size for your windshield.

Included with this sun shade is also a handy storage pouch, which you can shop the folded nylon into quickly. Overall, it's the greatest windshield sunlight shade you can purchase and even though slightly costly, its definitely worth it paying the excess.

WeatherTech Windscreen Sun Tone

For all those that make use of a windshield sunlight shade on a regular basis, it may be worth investing a higher amount of money. WeatherTech is usually a premium brand with a variety of interior products and the TechShade is usually their sun shade.

One of the best top features of the WeatherTech sunlight shade may be the fact you could reverse it to really have the foam aspect pointing to the windshield. This will absorb sunshine to pull heat into the automobile , which is ideal for those cold however sunny mornings prior to the vehicles heating has time for you to warm up.

Overall, it is the highest quality windshield sun shade you can buy with the reflective material and foam backing. It is also a cover that you can use in both the winter and summer time, which is the biggest good thing about the WeatherTech sun shade. They produce this sun color for a variety of vehicles but you will need to shop around to find one suited to your specific vehicle.

BDK Auto Windshield Sun Color

Adding a bit of fun or an interesting picture the windshield sun shade is very common. BDK present 5 different styles with their cover, such as 2 dogs within a driving seat, wild birds at sunrise, blue iceberg, hypnotic leopard and a USA eagle.


Unlike the alternatives within this post, the BDK cover folds into an accordion design and it is secured using a Velcro strap closure. The structure itself is normally a dual bubble materials, which is quite long lasting and stitching is quite high quality in comparison to various other inexpensive alternatives that don't have a regular seam.

General, the BDK windscreen sun shade includes a exclusive and fun style but the structure may possibly not be as long long lasting as the nylon alternatives.

Pro Color SUNSHIELD UV Reflecting Fabric

For those that are looking for a inexpensive windscreen protector , then your Pro Shade can be ideal. It runs on the UV reflecting fabric with top quality stitching that's easy to create and fold into the included pouch.

The Pro Color windshield sun color is obtainable in 3 different sizes but once again, we cannot tension the need for taking your personal measurements.

Numerous cheap glasses, the quality could be a problem however, not with this Pro Color cover. For satisfaction, the brand actually provide a no trouble money-back guarantee and by the popularity, it is by far a top performer.

Overall, it is the best windshield sun shade for the money and will protect your interior from the damaging UV rays.

Ohuhu Auto Sun Shade Windshield Cover

The Ohuhu is available in two sizes and is installed by folding down the sun visors onto the windshield sun shade. In terms of the construction, it runs on the reflective materials that weighs simply 0.35 LBS and includes a 12 months replacement warranty.

With just two sizes, such as 63 x 33.86 inch and 65.7 x 36.4 inch , its crucial that you take precise measurements. Hook overhang is preferable to the windshield sun shade being too small and this is a drawback of the Ohuhu cover.

Overall, it is a cheap car windshield sun shade that will do the job of blocking UV rays very well with the reflective fabric but the lack of sizes may be an issue.

Windshield Sun Shade Buying Guide

Your vehicle is a huge investment, therefore its vital that you protect it through the elements with equipment like a windscreen sun tone. A sun tone blocks sunlight, preventing your car from getting warm and sustaining sun damage while its parked outside.

When your car sits in the sun for too long, not only is it dangerous for you as a driver or passenger, but it can even cause damage to the inside of your vehicle, such as for example melting or staining. Not many people are fortunate to be able to own a carport canopy to hide their car away from the sun but a high quality sun shade will be able to provide just as much protection.

There are numerous factors to consider to be sure you obtain the best value for your money. Below are a few suggestions for buying a windscreen sun tone.



The very first thing to consider when searching for a sunlight shade may be the size of the product. Youll need the sun shade to protect your entire dashboard, but you dont want it to be too big. Before you go shopping, youll need to get the sizes of your dashboard.

If they arent already outlined in your owners manual, you can easily measure it using a tape measure. Windscreen sun shades are available in a number of different sizes, nevertheless, you might need to do a little bit of looking to find one which fits your vehicle.

Some brands perform make sunlight shields that are custom made for your cars size, therefore if youre struggling to find an option thats a good fit, this might be the way to go. If you drive multiple cars, there are also options that are designed to fit different sizes and shapes of dashboards.

The downside to these is certainly that they could let even more light and temperature in than various other shades, nevertheless, you just need to purchase one for multiple vehicles.


Another essential consideration to create when searching for a sunlight shade may be the materials of the merchandise. Sun shades have to be long lasting to safeguard against the sunshine and temperature. They also needs to end up being resistant to tears and peeling.

The materials should feel thick and be reinforced with a metallic surface to reflect the sunlight back out away from the car. Many sun shades are made with nylon, which is a good base material to look for when shopping.

Folding Design

Since you wont always be using your sun shade, its important that it folds up efficiently so you can store it in your trunk or back seat. Some sun shades roll, while others fold up in quarters or within an accordion design.

You can find benefits and drawbacks to each – moving and accordion folds save space in your vehicle, but take much longer to fold. One fourth folds are much easier, but your sun tone takes up even more space when its not really used.

When searching on the folds, you can find two major facts to consider. The first is how easy it is to fold up – can you fold up the shade quickly or will it take several minutes to do? You may want to test this in the shop prior to making a buy.

The second reason is how large it really is when its folded up. Youll desire to be able to conveniently store sunlight shade apart, but this can be difficult if it's too big. You are able to measure the proportions of the truck or the trunk seat of your car to get an idea of whether or not the sun color will match. Youll also need to be able to unfold it quickly when you want to use it again.

UV Safety

Its not enough for the color to just reflect the light and warmth away from the car, it should also have UV ray safety. This is very important for keeping your car (and the people in it) from damage due to the suns powerful rays. Not every sun shield comes with UV protection, so its important to check this when making your final purchase.



The weight of the sun shield is another thing thats helpful to consider when doing your shopping. A heavy sun shield can be difficult to go around and collapse up, especially if you dont possess much arm power.

Nevertheless, if the shield can be too light, it could not supply the durability or sunlight safety that youre searching for. The pounds of sunlight shield is normally listed in the merchandise specs, and that means you can simply check this prior to making your final purchase.

Attachment Design

Many sun shades attach to the car, and youll want to examine the attachment mechanism to make sure its easy to use. Some sun shades are designed to sit in the windshield without any additional attachments, while others have small clips to hold the shade in place.

Some shields also pull up and down for use if youre sitting in the automobile. There are plenty of good options on the market for all of these types, but youll need to test them out to observe which one you prefer before making a purchase.


While its not the most important thing to take into account, you may want to consider the color of the sun shade youll be purchasing, particularly if your car is usually a bright or unique color. Some sun shades come with designs or patterns on the outside, and youll wish to consider if youd prefer to possess that externally of your vehicle. Some people like a fun design or design, while some would prefer to truly have a simple natural color.

Bottom line

General, youll want a windshield sunlight shade thats long lasting and helps to keep out heat whenever your car is normally parked outdoors for extended periods of time. During the wintertime you may decide on a winter season windshield cover for snow and snow as this is a problem for that time of year. However, with the likes of the WeatherTech windshield cover, you will have the benefits of using it all year round.

Another top tip is to ensure that you do not leave the cover on the floor or somewhere that it may pick up debris. If the debris clings to the sun shade, it will then scrape your windshield and you'll need to work with a cup polish package to rectify the issue.

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