The Best Stubby Screwdrivers (Review)

Stubby Screwdriver and Nut Drivers

Bahco 808050ts Ratchet Little bit Screwdriver T-Handle Stubby

Stanley 66-358 Stubby Ratcheting MultiBit Screwdriver

The humble screwdriver can be an absolute must-have for any tool-kit: whether youre a DIY pro tackling a complex job, or just assembling some flat-pack furniture, having a reliable screwdriver is an essential piece of kit if you want to get the job done.

One oft-overlooked member of the screwdriver family is usually stubby. As its name suggests, the stubby screwdriver is a lot shorter than its traditional counterparts, and can reach screws in little spaces, in which a regular screwdriver would basically be too much time. Developing a stubby screwdriver inside your toolkit is a superb idea for anybody who may need to deal with screws in restricted spaces, such as for example cupboards and drawers.

Weve compiled a list of what we believe are the 10 best stubby screwdrivers on the market right this moment, so you can find one that wont let you down when you need it. Below, weve also clarified some common questions that DIY fans have concerning this tool and its own uses.

THE VERY BEST Stubby Screwdriver

The first stubby screwdriver to create our list is certainly come up with by Klein equipment – perhaps among the best-known producers available on the market at this time. The small and durable shaft grips four compatible universal suggestions, and converts to two nut driver sizes.

This versatile tool is comfortable to use too, thanks to its unique cushion-grip handle, ergonomically designed to provide better torque while also preventing blisters during long-term use. Klein tools have out their 160 years experience in designing the very best tools available on the market into this high-quality item, which is long lasting enough to endure professional and amateur make use of alike. Customers survey that this long lasting piece of package is ideal for working in restricted spaces.

Klein equipment give users 160 years tool-making knowledge

Made in the USA

Comes with four universal interchangeable tips

Suitable for use with two nut driver sizes

Handle offers a comfortable grip and excellent torque

  • Brand Klein Tools
  • Model 32561
  • Excess weight 2.56 oz

Stanley is usually another well-established name when it comes to screwdrivers of all types – and once and for all cause. Its cleverly designed magnetic suggestion can easily grasp onto six compatible bits, made of rust-proof and long lasting stainless vanadium. The parts can be easily stowed away in the body from the screwdriver itself, making sure theyre hard to lose and easy to access.

The three position switch installed on this screwdriver enables both clockwise and counter-clockwise ratcheting, but can also be locked for regular use. Each set of bits included with this screwdriver includes a wide variety, including both Philips and Flathead pieces. Its easy to use, too, due to an ergonomically designed deal with which allows users to attain exceptional torque.

Magnetic suggestion makes parts easy to add and detach, safely

Stubby screwdriver established includes six useful magnetic parts – both level and Philips

Bits made of hardy stainless vanadium

Bits could be conveniently stowed away in the body of the screwdriver itself

Three position switch system allows ratcheting in either direction, as well as a locked position

  • Brand Stanley
  • Model 66-358
  • Excess weight 5.4 oz

Kutirs multi-bit screwdriver features an adaptable shaft, making it suitable for a wide variety of jobs. The space of the shaft can stretch from a short and stubby 3.4 ins to a lengthier 5.5 inches. This size is easy to adjust, with a simple sliding collar system. The pieces themselves are also noteworthy for his or her no-slip, hexagonal, chromium vanadium building.

The tiny but tough handle on this screwdriver is suitable for reaching into very limited spots, too, making the screwdriver perfect for jobs where maneuverability is bound. The tip of every bit is normally magnetized, rendering it quick and practical to change back again on forth with regards to the job accessible – both Phillips and slotted parts are incorporated with the established. Customers find the adaptable shaft length extremely useful for tacking jobs in an awkwardly sized space, where the alternative would be to use a standard screwdriver held at an uncomfortable angle.

Multi-bit stubby screwdriver with the adjustable shaft length

Perfect for reaching screws in otherwise uncomfortable and inaccessible areas

Quality stainless- vanadium pieces included both Phillips and slotted

Tiny but hard and comfortable to carry plastic deal with

  • Brand Kutir
  • Model KU-ST-01
  • Pounds 4.8 oz

This 12-in-1 stubby screwdriver arranged does indeed cover every foundation. The kit includes six double-sided bits, meaning 12 tips are provided in total. It also features a three-position switch that allows ratcheting in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions, as well as locking for use as a regular screwdriver.

Each tip included with this arranged is manufactured out of heat-treated, sand-blasted steel, and can be stored within the handle itself for improved convenience. The handle is convenient too, grooved to comfortably fit the hand while providing excellent grip to allow for optimum torque. NoCry is indeed confident youll end up being happy with their screwdriver that they provide a money-back guarantee if youre not really entirely pleased with it.

Versatile stubby screwdriver established includes six double-ended parts, for a complete of 12 ideas

Selection of Phillips and toned bits

Three-position change enables ratcheting in both directions and a locked placement

Included parts are top quality – heat-treated and sandblasted steel

Bits can be stored within the handle itself

Three-position ratcheting switch

Money back satisfaction guarantee

  • Brand NoCry
  • Model nocry17
  • Fat 5.3 oz

Picquics screwdriver provides users with six parts in one helpful package. The parts, both slotted and Phillips, are often stored inside the deal with, preventing their reduction. To switch parts, one should be pressed up through the deal with, making it nearly impossible to allow them to go walkabout. Its lightweight design also makes it ideal for use in hard-to-reach spots, while the grooved handle means it is easy to grip and keep hold of during awkward jobs.

Customers love this screwdrivers compact design, which is easy to glide into any device bag and intensely versatile. Picquic presents a lifetime guarantee on their item too, demonstrating the beliefs they possess in its long lasting quality.

Stubby screwdriver deal with with six interchangeable bits

Variety of Phillips and slotted pieces

Pieces are stored within the cross for easy storage space

Grooved deal with for easy grasp

Compact, light-weight design

Includes a lifetime guarantee

  • Brand Picquic
  • Model 91100
  • Fat 2.4 oz

The first ratchet screwdriver to create our list is normally another providing from Klein Equipment. Its long lasting ratcheting mechanism enables users to function faster and better when coping with screws in limited areas. Each screwdriver can be followed by four compatible pieces – square, slotted, and Phillips – making for a versatile tool that can be used to tackle a wide variety of jobs. Each bit is made from high quality tempered steel, ideal for withstanding the wear and tear of even professional use.

The handle of this screwdriver is easy and comfortable to use, thanks to Klein Tools Comfort-Grip deal with, that allows you to accomplish optimum torque without leading to blisters on your own hands. Like all Klein Equipment, this stubby screwdriver can be manufactured in the united states, to a higher regular of quality thats made to last.

Ratchet screwdriver arranged with four compatible bits

Collection of square, slotted, and Phillips pieces

Bits made of top quality tempered metal

Features Klein Tools unique Comfort-Grip handle, making long-term use easy

  • Brand Klein Tools
  • Model 32594
  • Weight 3.2 oz

Available in packs of one, three, or four, Wihas stubby screwdriver bit holder is the perfect option if you already have plenty of compatible bits, but want a shorter deal with for achieving into tight areas. When you put a bit in to the handle, it really is kept securely in place by a powerful magnet

This particular handle measures just 2.5 inches, making it ideal for targeting screws in areas such as drawers, closets, and between kitchen units. In the mean time, Wihas unique Soft Finish covering makes the handle easy to grip, and comfortable to use even for extended periods of time. Customers report that this handle is certainly well-balanced and grippy, despite its little stature.

Stubby screwdriver little bit holder just

Bits kept in place safely by a robust magnet

Just 2.5 inches long, rendering it small even by stubby standards

Perfect for make use of in the tightest of areas

Unique Soft Finish finish renders the deal with easy and comfortable to hold and use

  • Brand Wiha
  • Model 28103
  • Excess weight 1.6 oz

With 29 items in total, Cartmans stubby screwdriver arranged is the most considerable on our list thus far. The kit equips DIY lovers with everything they may need for achieving screws in little areas; a ratchet screwdriver deal with, various parts, and a number of sockets.

The collection is normally housed in a concise and arranged case thats simple to slide right into a device bag. With a particular place designated to each piece, its also simple to maintain things tidy, therefore youll always know where to find exactly what youre looking for.

Each bit is constructed from durable chromium vanadium steel, durable enough to stand up to any household task you might throw at it. Customers say that the kit is perfect for day-to-day use, and excellent affordability.

29 piece stubby screwdriver arranged, including ratchet deal with, interchangeable pieces, and nut products

Bits made of durable stainless- vanadium metal

Comfortable plenty of to make use of on any home DIY job

Housed in a concise and carefully structured case

  • Brand CARTMAN
  • Model CM-B29-17
  • Pounds 11.4 oz

The next handle-only choice on our list can be supplied by Bahco. The handles unique T-shaped design makes ratcheting easy in either direction. You can even change direction without having to reposition your hand at all. The 1.4” magnetic bit holder also allows bits to be gripped simply and effectively.

In the meantime, the metal alloy shank provides superb strength and dependability, indicating the screwdriver can endure whatever DIY job is tossed at it over quite a few years. The high-quality system ensures high torque for usage thats as efficient as you possibly can. The unusually shaped handle is comfy to hold, using a high-friction surface area for easy and effective gripping.

Stubby ratchet screwdriver deal with only

Unique T-shaped style for easy grasp

Ratcheting in either path is easy, and will be transformed without changing your grasp

Magnetic holder allows bits to be gripped very easily and effectively

The quality mechanism allows high torque

High friction surface on handle is easy to grip

  • Brand Bahco
  • Model 808050TS
  • Excess weight 5.9 oz

This mammoth 38 piece screwdriver established offers a little for just about any work, along with an ergonomic desk ratcheting deal with. The wide range of bits contains Phillips, slotted, superstar, and hex, producing the set a perfect option where a wide variety of screws need to be worked with. Each bit is usually highly long lasting, plated with stainless vanadium metal. The adapter is normally treated using the same finish, allowing the established all together to withstand both scratching and corrosion.

In the mean time, the stubby screwdriver handle features an ergonomic design suits the hand comfortably, reducing fatigue while offering an excellent hold. Its ratcheting function makes it efficient to use, too, offering superb torque compared to normal use. Finally, the fact that the arranged comes in its own convenient storage package means the parts wont move walkabout and will be safely held together.

38 piece place includes stubby ratcheting deal with and interchangeable parts

Bits consist of Phillips, slotted, superstar, and hex parts – ideal for almost any work

Parts and adapter treated with long lasting chrome vanadium metal coating

Convenient storage box prevents items from becoming lost

  • Brand Stalwart
  • Model 75-HT4038
  • Weight 1.25 lbs

Best Stubby Screwdrivers Buying Guide & FAQ

That concludes our list of what we believe are the best stubby screwdrivers available to purchase now. With so many options to choose from, however, figuring out exactly what you need could be something of the challenge.

With this thought, weve come up with some tips to make up your brain, aswell as covering some typically common queries that DIY fans generally have about this convenient piece of package and its own usages.

The Best Stubby Screwdrivers (Review)

What to Consider When Buying Stubby Screwdrivers

Many types of the stubby screwdriver can be found on the market today, and exactly which one is right for you will depend upon your individual needs. However, there are some common factors to bear in mind, which we outline below:

  • Single or Multiple Bits

As with any tool, the first thing to note when investing in a stubby screwdriver is strictly what it’ll be employed for, For general DIY applications, we suggest selecting a stubby screwdriver just like the types on our list, that offer users a number of compatible bits. This sort of product means that whatever the screwhead, you have the right tool for the job at hand. For professional use, though, it is worth considering a stubby screwdriver with a single, fixed knife. This design means that the bit is held more securely in place, and so will likely show more durable. Equally, in a professional context, it’s likely you’ll encounter the same kind of screw over and over, rather than being a one-off.

Perhaps one of the most simple points to note whenever choosing any screwdriver is certainly its deal with, but this turns into even more essential where stubby screwdrivers are participating. When appraising a stubby screwdriver deal with, you should think about the next:

  • Size – Stubby screwdrivers were created for dealing with screws in little places, so smaller sized handles are usually better, providing the hands are little enough to grasp it.
  • Form – Some stubby screwdrivers possess T-shaped handles, that may often glide into nooks and crannies easier than their traditional counterparts.
  • Grasp – The best screwdriver deals with are easy to hold onto, increasing torque. If your hand slips while using a screwdriver, you run the risk of injury – grip is definitely important for security too!
  • Comfort and ease – For expanded use, specifically, comfort is normally paramount. Consider an ergonomically designed deal with with a gentle outer finish for maximum comfort and ease (and minimum amount blisters).
  • Price

As with any purchase, the price of each product will have an effect on your decision. In most cases, investing a bit more cash will purchase equipment made with excellent materials, and produced to a higher standard. If you only intend to use your stubby screwdriver occasionally, however, purchasing a more inexpensive option will probably make for the best value for money.

  • Ratcheting Capability

A ratchet screwdriver includes a group of cogs which let it apply power when turned in a single path, but move openly in the additional. Theyre helpful for removing and inserting screws more conveniently and comfortably. Many of the options on this list offer ratchet settings, which can be useful for working with particularly long or tight screws.

Benefits of Utilizing a Stubby Screwdriver

As stated previous, stubby screwdrivers certainly are a actually handy little bit of kit that have several advantages over their traditional counterparts. Included in these are:

  • They facilitate access to screws that cannot be easily reached with a traditional screwdriver
  • Their compact design makes them far easier to store and transportation than their bigger cousins
  • Their little size makes them a perfect emergency tool, that may match most luggage and glove compartments
  • Stubby screwdrivers can be purchased in an array of sizes and designs, making them an extremely diverse device
  • Many motor vehicle workers find stubby screwdrivers to be a great option when working on a cars dash
  • Stubby screwdrivers are really useful to have around when assembling furniture – their compact size allows you to loosen or tighten screws in limited spots such as drawers or little compartments
  • Certain users look for a stubby screwdriver convenient to grip when compared to a regular one
  • Stubby ratchet screwdrivers combine the small size of the stubby with the ease of use of a ratchet to tackle long or stiff screws with ease

The Best Stubby Screwdrivers (Review)

Best Stubby Screwdrivers FAQ:

Q: When should I make use of a stubby screwdriver?

A: Stubby screwdrivers have a huge variety of uses – some of the most common being:

  • Constructing or Disassembling Furniture

Stubby screwdrivers are great for putting together and taking apart everything from a chest of drawers to a dining area desk. Because they enable you to reach screws in little spaces easier, among their most apparent uses has been home furniture – whether flat-pack or elsewhere.

  • Keeping in the Glove Area

One useful spot to maintain a stubby screwdriver is in the glove compartment of your car. Not only is their small size convenient for carrying around in case of emergency, but it also makes them ideal for working on fiddly issues in your cars interior.

  • Around the Kitchen

If theres one room in your house thats characterized by some tight areas, its your kitchen. Reaching right into a device to tighten up a screw, or repairing a dodgy hinge on the cupboard door can be far easier whenever your screwdriver doesnt impede your gain access to.

  • In virtually any complete Toolbox

Because of their versatility, we recommend that no toolbox is usually complete without a stubby screwdriver. Adding someone to your collection wont consider up much area, but can save you lots of time on challenging jobs for a long time to arrive.

Q: MUST I select a ratchet stubby screwdriver?

A: Lots of the stubby screwdrivers on this list have ratcheting options, and you may be wondering whether or not this is a feature you need. Below are a few of the main advantages that ratchet screwdrivers offer, so you can make an informed decision about whether you should invest in one:

  • With a ratchet screwdriver, unlike their traditional counterparts, you dont need to constantly stop and change your wrist placement when generating in or getting rid of a screw
  • Utilizing a ratchet screwdriver decreases strain on your own wrist
  • Utilizing a ratchet screwdriver will get and remove screws quicker

Opt for what this sort of screwdriver is certainly most often employed for when choosing whether it’s the right option for you. They tend to have the following uses:

  • Fixing and tightening a lot of screws in electrical systems – electricians generally vacation resort to ratchet screwdrivers to save their wrists
  • Working around a garage – ratchet screwdrivers are often favored by mechanics because of the strain and time they save
  • Regularly carrying out DIY throughout the house – its worthy of considering that ratchet screwdrivers are user-friendly more than enough for almost one to make use of, so theyre frequently a sound expenditure also if youre just using them throughout the house

Q: What exactly are the disadvantages of the stubby screwdriver?

A: As we have seen, stubby screwdrivers are great for performing a wide variety of jobs. However, like any tool, they arent ideal for everything. Below we take a step back again to sort out some drawbacks to note when investing in a stubby screwdriver:

  • Their little size could be a drawback

Although in a few contexts the stubby screwdrivers small stature works in its favor, this is not always the case. For certain jobs, youll want a screwdriver with a bit more reach – stubby screwdrivers aren’t meant for universal use, despite their versatility.

  • You wont achieve as much Torque

A stubby screwdriver usually needs to be turned with the palm of your hand, so you wont obtain quite as very much purchase – consequently torque – much like their bigger cousins.

  • They could be less comfy to make use of

Although producers can do everything in their power to make their tools comfortable to use, the task is more challenging when the tool in question is a stubby screwdriver. Especially if you have large hands, acquiring an appropriate gripping position could be more challenging than with a normal screwdriver.

General, the few drawbacks of stubby screwdrivers are nowhere near more than enough to outweigh how useful these are, though. As usually, its just a case of selecting the right tool for the right job!

The Best Stubby Screwdrivers (Review)

Our Top Pick and choose

With its compact design and convenient array of compatible tips, we believe Klein Equipment providing is the best screwdriver set on the market when it comes to stubby designs. It comes with four universal suggestions, offering varied applications, while the unique Cushion-Grip manage offers users superb torque and comfort and ease.

The high quality that Klein Tools always give their users provides earned them the very best i’m all over this our list today. If you want to reach persistent screws in a good spot, this is actually the ideal, versatile alternative – and an excellent addition to any toolbox. At around $10, its a little investment in your house that rapidly pays for itself.

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