The Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Replacing your OEM headlight bulbs to a more powerful halogen will provide you with far better visibility for night driving . Replacing halogen headlight bulbs is a straight forward task and you can transform your car with the xenon white look.

The best headlights bulbs are the Philips Diamond X-treme Vision , which are available as a H4 and H7 bulb, which are proven to produce 130% more brightness.

Many car owners make the common mistake of assuming halogen bulbs will be the identical to LED headlight light bulbs . Setting up an LED may necessitate an adapter to squeeze in your present headlight unit and could not even suit in any way.

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Greatest Headlight Light bulbs For Night Generating

Updating to xenon white headlight light bulbs will provide extra visibility on the highway, brighter light and a far more modern appear and feel. Unlike HID sets you don't have for extra power sources that require to be set up in the engine bay.

The color heat for the desired white light output is usually between 3,000K and 4,000K . Below 3,000K will be a yellow color and over 4,000K will result in a blue or purple light, which may not be road legal.

Replacing your stock headlight bulbs is rather straight forward without complicated set up. Below is a summary of the greatest headlight light bulbs offering better presence for night generating plus a more aesthetically satisfying light color result.

Philips X-treme Vision Headlight Lights

Philips is definitely a brand that dominates the halogen headlight bulb market and they provide a wide variety of options. The diamond X-treme vision is definitely their highest carrying out bulb, which they claim provides 130% more light on the highway compared to share bulbs.

Top features of the Philips X-treme Eyesight consist of:


  • Available being a H4 or H7 light bulb
  • Provides 130 meters of light
  • Color heat range of 3,700K
  • Copyrighted gradient finish
  • 450 hours life expectancy
  • Street legal and ECE accredited
  • UV Quarz cup construction


Due to the fact this halogen headlight light bulb can provide similar efficiency to HID, no question it is therefore popular. Weighed against a HID package, these are simpler to install, dont blind various other motorists and offer a organic white light from your headlights.

Overall, the Philips X-treme Vision are the best headlight bulbs for night driving with an additional 130% of light compared to standard bulbs.

Philips Crystal Vision Xenon Look Bulb

The most popular halogen headlight bulbs that Philips produce are the Crystal Vision bulbs. They are DOT compliant and provide bright light for evening driving and an awesome blue light result when started up throughout the day.

With regards to the top features of the Philips Crystal Eyesight , they consist of:


  • Obtainable in 18 different light bulb sizes
  • DOT compliant
  • Blue capped light bulbs
  • OEM quality seal
  • 450 hours life expectancy


Philips Crystal Eyesight are supply the closest color to HID light bulbs using a 4000K bright light to provide the xenon look . With 18 different sizes you are able to install these halogen headlight lights in various location such as the fog lights.

These Philips bulbs are fairly distinctive with the blue cap at the end of the bulb that creates the blue tint to the brightness . They are DOT compliant unlike HID bulbs and provide an excellent source of xenon light at a budget price.

PIAA Xtreme White H7 Bulb

For those that are looking for performance headlight bulbs , PIAA may be the best option. Unlike the Philips alternatives, these make an extraordinary 110 w of light from simply 55 w of power, which can be dual that of the Philips lights.

Other top features of the PIAA H7 headlight lights consist of:


  • Temperature resistant quartz cup
  • 4,000K white colored
  • XTRA technology for improved light result
  • DOT and SAE compliant
  • Blue capped for blue effect
  • Extra durable filaments


For all those that are looking the greatest halogen headlight light bulbs feasible, it doesnt get much better than these PIAA bulbs. The main drawback is that they are more than double the price of most Philips bulbs but for peace of mind, PIAA provide a 1 year warranty.

Sylvania Silverstar Ultra Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Sylvania is usually another well-known halogen headlight light bulbs brand and provide another overall performance based alternate . The Silverstar Ultra 9004 are designed to provide excellent road visibility and clarity compared with OEM lights.

Features of the SilverStar Ultra bulb by Sylvania include:


  • 5 different bulb sizes
  • Direct OEM replacement
  • DOT compliant
  • Patented Tri-Band technology
  • Cobalt blue nano coating


The SilverStar Ultra bulb by Sylvania is one of the brightest headlight bulbs available on the market that still meet the DOT regulations. Sylvania also provide additional variants of halogen lights however the Ultra lights are the types to choose.

Overall, they may be great at all times bulbs however when you compared them against the Philips white headlight bulbs, they are fairly pricey.

Philips VisionPlus OEM Bulbs

For those on a budget that are not looking for any sort of upgrade but simply want to displace their damaged halogen lights, the VisionPlus certainly are a great choice. They may be inexpensive headlight lights offering up to 60% even more vision on the highway than halogen lights and are much cheaper than OEM bulbs from the dealership.

In terms of the features of the Philips VisionPlus , they include:


  • 19 different bulb sizes
  • 3,300K of light
  • 450 hours life span
  • DOT complaint
  • OEM quality seal


Overall, if you are looking for the brightest replacement headlight lights that are inexpensive and a primary swap , they are ideal. You additionally have the satisfaction they are built to a superior quality because they are manufactured by Philips.

Halogen Headlight Bulbs Buying Guideline

The three most common reasons for changing your headlight bulb is because it is broken, you want more visibility or you want a switch of color. Standard halogen bulbs are generally becoming phased out with most car owners wanting the modern bright white light . This can be achieved by using some of our recommended high-end headlight bulbs or deciding on a xenon, LED or HID transformation kit.

Changing your headlight light bulbs is a straightforward modification and it could make an enormous difference to your presence on the highway. On top of this, they can also improve the appearance of your vehicles when driving at night.

Headlight bulbs can break for a variety of reasons and finding the correct replacement can seem daunting when researching online. However, we have constructed a buying instruction to cover all of the factors that you ought to consider.



Headlight Light bulb Size

Not absolutely all bulb sizes will be the same plus they vary from producers. Common sizes are H7, H4 and H1 however, many cars may possess odd sizes. If you fail to find the light bulb size, have a look at Philips light bulb size finder or use Amazons car checker

When you take away the current light bulb that you will be looking to update, it will generally become stamped onto the metal part of the bulb construction. As you can see on the Philips bulb in the above photo, all the information is written on the side of the casing along with the DOT compliance stamp.

Color Temperature

To achieve the desirable white color, the color temperature of the bulb needs to be between 3,000 and 4,000K on the Kelvin graph . Any higher and you'll be taking a look at a crimson color and any smaller it turns towards the halogen yellowish color.

Nearly all LEDs such as for example license dish lights are between this color temp range and coordinating all the lamps together is strongly suggested. If you're wanting to select a color apart from white, you will want to check the law within your states as many colors other than halogen and ice white are not road legal.

Below are a number of the different headlight colours based through the Kelvin rating that exist to get:


  • 3000K – Yellowish/halogen
  • 5000K – White colored
  • 8000K – Blue
  • 10,000K – Green
  • 12,000K – Crimson
  • … plus much more


The zoom lens of the headlight may also play a large component in the result of the headlight bulb. For example, if you have neglected your lens and allowed it to become cloudy in the UV rays, the output may be different to what is advertised from the headlight bulb brand. Consequently, we highly recommend using a headlight repair kit or DIY method of cleaning your headlights for maximum light output.


How To Install Halogen Lights

Headlight bulb replacement is definitely a common task for many car owners due to upgrading or repairing a broken bulb. Replacing your halogen headlight bulbs is far easier than replacing LED, HID or xenon bulbs. In most cases, fitting halogen headlight bulbs can be as simple as the following steps:


  1. Turn all lights off and then open the bonnet
  2. Remove the cover that holds the bulbs in place and stops water to arrive (Not absolutely all cars possess this)
  3. Take away the bulb through the headlight – this might require you to either switch the light bulb holder anti-clockwise, press down on a little leaver or tugging up a innovator (car reliant)
  4. After the bulb has gone out from the headlight, draw the bulb from the holder/cables
  5. Fit the brand new bulb to the bulb holder/wires
  7. If the bulb works, proceed to carry out steps 1 to 5 in reverse


The 7 actions are fairly brief but you will be able to find much more detail within your owners manual. It is a quick and easy DIY task and we recommend attempting it yourself before having to pay to keep these things fitted.

With regards to stage 5, you should be cautious at this time. You ought not contact the glass from the bulb rather than use an excessive amount of force. If you are trying to push the bulb on too hard, it could bend the connection and cause further issues.

As you can see from the below bulb, it has been designed to be a “push fit” without any force required. If you find yourself forcing the bulb onto the holder, you may have the wrong bulb size.


Performance of Headlight Light bulbs

With regards to the efficiency of halogen light bulbs, the purchase price you pay out will make a siginificant difference. High-end light bulbs will use top quality materials, which result in a brighter light and often last far longer. The standard halogen bulb will only last between 200 to 300 hours but all of the above headlight bulbs last 400 hours and more.

Another overall performance factor is the light result range, which will make a siginificant difference for evening driving. The greater brighter the light bulb will usually create a additional light range down street.

Potential Problems

When updating your headlight light bulbs, you will find potential issues that may arise with the most common being a Canbus error . This will show being a light mistake on your dash and even when you try to obvious codes with an OBD2 scanner , the light bulb icon will still remain. The majority of the time, the lights will continue to run perfectly but the error code can be fairly irritating to look at whilst your driving.

We highly recommend that any halogen headlight bulbs you purchase have “Canbus FREE” stated within the description to be able to reduce mistakes from occurring.

Flickering from the lamp or the light not really being lighted after flickering once is rather common too. We would highly recommend that you check the connection with the bulb and the bulb holder to ensure it is being held safely.



As you can find three headlight lights that are highly regarded within this informative article by Philips, its pretty obvious what the very best headlight lights brand can be. They tick every package with regards to price, durability, reliability and performance. The X-treme Vision are the best performers but are limited in terms of bulb sizes. Alternatively the Diamond Vision are just as good but have a slight tint of blue to the bulbs. The above photo is my outdated Volkswagen Golf operating the X-treme Eyesight halogen lights.

Improving from halogen lights has a selection of benefits that will go much beyond just the appealing color. Our recommendations provide superb performance and so are suited to a variety of costs.

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