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The 10 Best RV Washer Dryer Combos Of Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Chores like laundry can effect your trip because there aren’t many Laundromats on every path. In addition to that, such facilities can be very crowded, unsanitary and expensive. The solution to this problem has your own compact washer dryer combo in your RV.

RV manufacturers have realized this issue, and they are now providing the convenience where people can clean their clothes on the run. Many RVs nowadays come with regular washer and clothes dryer combos set up in them. In case your RV doesnt have such a facility, then install a compact combo in your vehicle.

The 10 Best RV Washer Dryer Combos Of 2019 Reviews & Buyers Guide

But how would you know, which is the best RV washer dryer combo available on the market?

Dont worry, for your assistance we have picked top 10 10 RV washer dryer combo from which you can choose.

So let dig right in!

Top 10 10 Best RV Washer Dryer Combo 2019 Reviews

1 XtremepowerUS Portable Washer with Spin Cycle Dryer

The portable washer includes a 300W pump and is a superb choice for your RV or little apartments. The small size of the washer and dryer helps it be one of the better RV washer and dryer combo that you can find on the market.

It comes with a built-in 150W spinning dryer that uses the cycling process to take the moisture away from your clothes. It is an 8.8 lbs washing and 4.4 lbs spinning machine.

The washer works great with small loads of clothes including your socks, garments, t-shirts, and towels. In addition to RVs, it works well in electric motor homes, apartments, condo properties and dorms aswell.

The device will well to keep carefully the electricity costs in order, and it doesnt make use of much drinking water either.

A very important factor you’ll want to remember with this machine is certainly you’ll want to install a supplementary adapter to hyperlink the hose using a faucet. Your buy doesnt include an adapter.

Moreover, you need to install the device very near to the power supply because it includes a short cable.

The 10 Best RV Washer Dryer Combos Of 2019 Reviews & Buyers Guide

  • It includes a built-in pump of 300W ranking for washing and 150W rating for spin drying
  • The capacity of-of the machine for washing is definitely 8.8lbs, and it is 4.4lbs for spin drying
  • It is an excellent option for small loads of clothes.
  • This machine is ideal for motorhomes, condominiums, dorms, and apartments as well.
  • It doesnt consume much electricity or water.
  • It has a very short power cord
  • There is plenty of manual work associated with the washing and drying processes of this machine.

2 Westland Splendide WD2100XC

The WD2100XC from Splendide is definitely a washer and dryer combo. The maximum spin rate of this machine is normally 1200RPM. A couple of ten washes and three dries in a single cycle. The utmost washing capacity of this machine is 15 lbs while the maximum drying capacity is 11 lbs.

The best part of this machine is that it operates very silently and it also comes with an automatic feature to regulate water level aswell. As stated above the combo devices are suitable for the large-sized recreational automobiles which machine can be no different.

There’s a brushless engine with this washer and clothes dryer which allows it to function silently in the backdrop. It is a machine that not only delivers when it comes to washing and drying capacity but also it also very good at space saving as well. Operations are very user-friendly.

You need to select a washing cycle, and then set a dry time, and thats it. The next thing is to push the beginning button. It includes a wide starting door that allows you to fill it up quickly.

The settings and knobs have become easy to press and switch. Its screen can show the status up to per minute. The machine can automatically adjust the water level and laundry aids.

The 10 Best RV Washer Dryer Combos Of 2019 Reviews & Buyers Guide

  • It has bi-directional rotations of the drum which is helpful in reducing the wrinkles to your clothes.
  • The heavy machine can dry cotton clothing 20 times faster as compared to traditional units with its 1200RPM spinning swiftness.
  • The device has a filtration system that self-cleans and gets rid of the lint after cleaning.
  • It could absorb shocks and vibrations on the highway and is an ideal suit for recreational automobiles.
  • The dispenser for fabric softener doesnt work very well.
  • The noiseless procedure of the machine isn’t long-term.

3 Giantex Lightweight Washer

This mini twin tub portable washer from Giantex offers you a good convenience of washing and drying out. You can clean your clothes in a single tub and spin dried out them in the various other tub.

The simultaneous procedure for washing and drying out makes things a whole lot basic and saves a lot of your time. The washing capacity of this machine offers 11 lbs. rating while the drying capacity comes with a rating of 6.6 lbs. It means that you can spin twice very easily.

You can set the time of the washer for quarter-hour and 5 minutes for the dryer per load. It gives you the freedom to set your timing because most of its counterparts come with preprogrammed configurations.

It not merely saves electricity using its 300W cleaning and 110W rotating capacity but may also save drinking water.

Moreover, it doesnt consider very much space in your automobile either. There’s a filtration system net on the main one side of the machine that may keep the filthy clothing during the spinning process.

The 10 Best RV Washer Dryer Combos Of 2019 Reviews & Buyers Guide

  • The machine is equipped with two tubs each for washing and spinning the clothes separately.
  • The washer tub has a capacity of 11 lbs while the spinning tub comes with a capacity of 6.6 lbs.
  • You can set the washing time for 15 minutes and drying time for 5 minutes on your own, and there are not many preprogrammed settings available.
  • The washer needs 300W, and the dryer needs 110W to use this means it saves electricity efficiently.
  • The compact design of this machine doesnt take up much space within your recreational automobile.
  • There are a few leakage problems with this machine.
  • It isn’t a highly effective washer and clothes dryer over time.

4 Della Small Washer

Della is among the best brands with regards to RV washers and dryers. It really is known because of its extraordinary products and exceptional customer support. This small washer from Della isn’t different since it includes a built-in pump and an excellent cleaning and drying capability.

The very best part of this mini washer is that it comes with two different tubs. It means that you can wash and spin dry your clothes at the same time. When on the road this time-saving feature can be very helpful for you can you can stay focused on having a great time with your relatives and buddies.

Furthermore to RVs, the device is also ideal for condo properties, flats, and dorms. The small design of the machine lets you install it in virtually any place with comfort.

It really is equipped with an integral pump for draining which models it apart from the competitors. Now you can conveniently drain your water without any issues. The washer can easily take up to 20 pounds of clothes in it.

You can easily wash your socks, undergarments, t-shirts, and towels in it. It has a transparent lid that enables you to see the cleaning and drying out cycles. It will let you monitor the amount of drinking water in the tub.

The 10 Best RV Washer Dryer Combos Of 2019 Reviews & Buyers Guide

  • The device includes two different tubs for cleaning and drying out.
  • It has a built-in automatic pump for draining water after washing.
  • The machine can load up to 20 pounds of clothing in it.
  • It is equipped with transparent lids so that you can monitor water level.
  • It really is slightly noisy when compared with other devices.
  • The spinner will decelerate after six to eight 8 month useful.

5 Della Little Lightweight Washer

The tiny portable Della washer includes a capability of 11 lbs for washing and also like a spin dryer. It can wash different types of clothes for you, and you can use it to wash your t-shirts, socks, towels, and undergarments. It is equipped with two different tubs.

You should use every one of them for cleaning and drying. This means which you can use the machine to clean and dried out your clothes at exactly the same time. The device allows you in order to save plenty of your time and energy using its dual tub building.

The settings let you set quarter-hour for cleaning and five minutes for spin-drying, and you may set your time and effort without needing any preprogrammed selections.

Working this machine is simple. Just toss in your clothing and add some water. After that, you can set the time and start washing. It is the best option for motorhomes, condos, apartments, dorms, and camping.

It means that you can install it in any compact place and save plenty of room to move around. The machine is extremely efficient when using electricity and water too.

The 10 Best RV Washer Dryer Combos Of 2019 Reviews & Buyers Guide

  • The machine is very easy to install and operate.
  • It is suitable for any small area within your RV, condo, house, dorm, and
  • The settings let you set the cleaning time for quarter-hour and a drying out time of five minutes.
  • The dual tub structure of the machine gives you to clean and dried out your clothes at the same time.
  • The automatic drain of this machine falters at times.
  • There are some leakage issues in the pump as well.

6 Kuppet Mini Washer

The mini washer from Kuppet comes in three different colors. Like the previous entries in this list, the Kuppet mini washer also boasts a twin tub mechanism. It means that you will be able to wash and dry your clothes at the same time.

It is an excellent feature considering that you will be spending the required time on the highway and carrying out different activities together with your relatives and buddies. The small size of the machine lets you correct it anywhere you desire. The operation is certainly very simple with this machine.

Just toss in your filthy clothes, then add water, established the timer and press the start key. The washer capability of the machine is usually 4.7 lbs, and the dryer capacity is 4.3 lbs. The machine doesnt use much of your soap or detergent which means that it is an efficient mini washer that comes at a very good price.

It doesnt consume much of your water and electricity as well. It is equipped with a engine that can generate 1300RPM power and you may set a quarter-hour period for cleaning and five minutes period for drying. Moreover, you can even drain out water from it quickly.

The 10 Best RV Washer Dryer Combos Of 2019 Reviews & Buyers Guide

  • The device lets you complete your cleaning and drying procedures simultaneously.
  • It effectively reduces your power and water intake.
  • You are able to easily drain your drinking water from it.
  • Operating this machine is very simple.
  • The draining system of this machine offers some problems in the long run.
  • It has a very small spinning drum.

7 Westland WDC7100XC

The WDC7100CX Washer/Dryer combo from Westland is a good quality product that you can use within your RV. It has a optimum spinning quickness of 120RPM, and its cycle offers ten washes and three dries.

The washer capacity of this machine is definitely 15 lbs while the dryer capacity is definitely 11 lbs. It is equipped with a brushless engine which means that this machine makes less noise.

It is also equipped with automatic water level modifying control. Right now, you dont have to worry about frequently looking in the tub and make an adjustment to the water level manually.

The best thing about this machine is that it is certified under Energy Star which means it is very efficient when it comes to utilizing energy and drinking water.

However, some of these who dont possess large RVs may not discover this machine to become your best option due to its size.

The 10 Best RV Washer Dryer Combos Of 2019 Reviews & Buyers Guide

  • It includes an excellent washer and dryer capacity that are 15 lbs and 11 lbs respectively.
  • It is built with a brushless electric motor to keep carefully the audio to the very least.
  • The device also boasts a computerized control for changing water level alone.
  • In addition, it posseses an automatic water drainer.
  • It is not the best options for small sized RVs.
  • It is slightly expensive as compared to the rest of the mini washers.

8 Do Mini Compact Washer

This twin tub compact washer and dryer are also equipped with a dual tub. It’ll enable you to clean and dried out your clothes at exactly the same time. This washer is most effective for cleaning undergarments, bath towels and baby clothing. It can easily do small plenty of clothes.

The washer of the machine has a capacity of 8.3 lbs while the dryer of this machine has a capacity of 4.7 lbs. A mini washer is an ideal option for RVs, condos, motorhomes, apartments, and dorms. It only consumes 240W which means that the washer is usually efficient with regards to energy.

The handles of the machine have become user-friendly. Just place your dirty clothing in and then add water. From then on, you need to create its timer and force the start key.

It doesnt take much space and works silently. It is a good quality machine, and the company has only used quality materials in its building.

However, you need to bear in mind that it doesnt come with an adapter and you will have to purchase one separately. This adapter will enable you to connect the hose with your tap.

The 10 Best RV Washer Dryer Combos Of 2019 Reviews & Buyers Guide

  • The machine provides twin tub structure that allows you to clean and dry at exactly the same time.
  • It includes a washer capability of 8.3 lbs and dryer capacity of 4.7 lbs.
  • You can certainly do small plenty of clothing with this machine.
  • It includes a very small size and doesnt consume very much energy or drinking water.
  • There is enough of humming sound.
  • The devices begin to vibrate during spin drying out.

9 DELLA Electric Small Mini Portable Compact Washer

This mini washer from Della makes an appearance in this post associated with greatest RV washer and dryer combo. The washer of the machine has a capacity of 8.8 lbs, and the dryer has a capacity of 4.4 lbs.

This washer and dryer is a great choice for dorms, condos, apartments, motorhomes, and RVs. The timer control of the washer enables you to set a time up to 15 minutes. Whereas for the dryer you can set time for up to 5 minutes.

There are no preset settings to make things complicated for you personally. Just toss in your clothing and then add water, then begin the timer and press the start switch.

It includes a extremely compact construction, and you may place it any place in your vehicle easily. The mini washer and dryers also feature a built-in draining pump that may automatically drain water after cleaning.

The 10 Best RV Washer Dryer Combos Of 2019 Reviews & Buyers Guide

  • Its washer offers 8.8 lbs capacity, as well as the dryer has 4.4 lbs capability.
  • It comes with an automatic draining system
  • The machine is capable of saving your electricity and water costs.
  • The twin tub construction of this machine saves your time due to washing and drying at the same time.
  • The draining pump of this machine has some leakage problems.
  • The device produces a strange smell when you add or drain drinking water from its tub.

10 Pyle Lightweight Improved Washer

This portable washer includes a good user rating because of its compact size and user-friendliness. The machine is very easy to use with its top system for loading. Just add detergent and water, set the timer and start the machine.

The rotary controls of this portable machine enable you to set the timer, cleaning plan and drainer. With these handles, you can even set enough time for the drying out process.

The device only wants 250W for procedure, and its own washer includes a capability of 7.7 lbs. The dryer requirements 120W of energy, and its own capability is certainly 3.3 lbs.

Through translucent cover, it is possible to see what is going on during a wash. It is very easy to install and run, and you will find no special instructions that you have to follow to work with this machine.

The 10 Best RV Washer Dryer Combos Of 2019 Reviews & Buyers Guide

  • It is one of the simplest of the portable washers and dryers that you can find on the market.
  • The washer capacity of this machine is definitely 7.7 lbs, and the dryer capacity is 3.3 lbs.
  • The mini washer and dryer are good at saving electric power and water.
  • Your purchase includes a drainage hose and a power cord.
  • The washer and clothes dryer isn’t a long-term
  • It really is an ideal choice for small households.

RV Washer Clothes dryer Combo Buying Instruction

There are many things you’ll want to consider before investing in a small RV washer clothes dryer combo. We’ve discussed them within this buying instruction for your convenience.

The 10 Best RV Washer Dryer Combos Of 2019 Reviews & Buyers Guide

Three Main Types

You will find three major types of washers and dryers for RVs,

  • RV washer and dryer combo
  • Stackable compact washer and dryer for RVs
  • RV Portable washer and dryer

All these types come in two different versions aswell,

A lot of the RV users dont choose non-vented washers and dryers because they consider lengthy for drying clothing and they also also use a lot of drinking water. It becomes an extremely serious indicate consider if we compare the non-vented washers with their vented counterparts.

Stackable compact washer and dryer for RVs

These units are very common, particularly in the large-sized recreational automobiles. These units assist you cleaning and drying out of 12 pounds of clothing in succession. The stackable devices are smaller when compared with the machines you have your own house. However, they may be too large for little RVs. Moreover, these products also use a lot of water and energy.

RV washer and clothes dryer combo

The combo gets extremely popular among the masses because it fits well in almost all types of recreational vehicles. The best part is that the single drum of this unit can handle both washing and handling processes. These products dont take very much space in your automobile. The devices are efficient when working with electricity and drinking water. These models wont do a full load of clothes like its stackable counterpart, and it does one load in about three hours.

RV portable washer and dryer

The portable washers and dryers dont necessarily run on electricity which means it really is an ideal choice for those who want to take pleasure from dried out camping. The products that need energy only require a small amount of it along with water. This unit can complete a load of clothes in approximately quarter-hour.

Most of these portable models are non-vented and make use of a condensation process to get rid of the moisture from your clothes. In a few from the portable systems, there’s a sensor which makes the procedure of drying extremely swift and efficient. Because of their size, these devices are not able enough to clean and dry a complete load.

Things you’ll want to remember when buying an RV washer and clothes dryer

There are many things that you need to consider before buying a washer and dryer for your RV,

  • The stackable compact washer and dryer for RV is the best option for your next trip.
  • You need to look for various options for prices before you finalize your decision.
  • Only turn to work with a detergent that is included with HE label this means Great Performance
  • Generally hire the providers of a specialist technician to set up these units inside your vehicles for greatest results.


The winner of this roundup of best RV washer and dryer combo is the Portable Washer with Spin Cycle Dryer. The unit not only comes at a very economical price but it also offers excellent quality. It is very efficient in using water and electricity and dryer of this machine packs a significant punch. You are able to do a good fill of clothing with this machine very quickly. With this portable washer, you transform it on and your investment relax.

We wish our post about greatest RV washer and clothes dryer combos ended up being useful and educational. Do you think we missed out on something or want to share your RV washing and drying experiences with us? Just drop your comment in the section given below!

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