Meguiar G7515 Endurance Tire Gel

The Stamina Wheel Gel from renowned car treatment specialist Meguiars isn’t just any common tire sparkle that you apply on your wheels after providing it an intensive clean. At the primary from the gel formulation are exclusive ingredients that provide your wheels longer-lasting shine, permitting them to wthhold the sleekness of dark plastic while keeping it well-protected against a number of the common pollutants of modern wheel systems.

Meguiars Endurance

Unlike traditional wheel shine items, the Endurance is particularly formulated having a rich mixture of copolymers and macropolymers that use the compounds typically used in modern rubber. These polymers bind to the surface of the tire while some of them effectively seep through the microscopic pores to give your rubber the level of protection it needs against the drying and cracking effects of UV radiation.

The same polymer technology helps give your tires that rich gloss and luxurious black finish that lasts longer than traditional tire shines. This can also prevent the unnecessary browning of your compounds that can substantially detract from their overall aesthetics. It is very rare to find a motorist who doesnt really mind driving with old-looking and dirty tires. Almost everyone wants a set of tires that somehow glisten as they roll through the city streets and highways.

Endurance Tire

Part of what makes the Endurance so likable is its long-lasting effects. No wonder Meguiars calls it the “Endurance”. Car owners say that the product can last up to 5 weeks despite weekly washings and occasional rain showers. Its ability to deliver high-quality gloss and a brilliant black shine makes this Meguiars product a great tool for those who wish to drive in a car that looks as if you just bought it brand new.

The gel formulation of the Meguiars Endurance makes it easy to apply without having to worry about runoffs or oversprays. It is neither too thick nor too thin such that when you apply it on the exterior walls of your tires you can easily achieve a more even coating. Plus, there will be no spots, drips, or runs on the driveway or even in your garage if that is where you wish to apply the Endurance.

If youre into car detailing, the Meguiars Endurance Tire Gel is a must-have. But even if youre not, having this baby in your garage will still be a wise investment as you dont need to apply tire shine anymore after every wash.

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